How to remove someone from wishlist mudae

"Mudae" is a popular bot used on the Discord platform for various purposes, including managing wishlists. To remove someone from your wishlist on Mudae, follow these steps:

  1. Access your wishlist: In the Discord server where Mudae is active, use the command to access your Mudae wishlist. The command is typically something like "!ml" or "!mylist." Type this command in a text channel where Mudae is active.

  2. View your wishlist: After using the command, Mudae will provide a list of characters that are currently on your wishlist. Each character will usually have a number associated with them.

  3. Identify the character to remove: Locate the character you want to remove from your wishlist by its name or the associated number.

  4. Remove the character: To remove the character from your wishlist, use the appropriate command. The specific command can vary depending on the Mudae server's configuration, but it often involves using "!wl remove" followed by the character's name or number. For example:

    • !wl remove CharacterName

    • !wl remove 123

  5. Confirm removal: Mudae will typically provide a confirmation message to ensure you want to remove the character. Confirm your choice, and the character will be removed from your wishlist.

  6. Verify removal: After confirming, you can use the "!ml" or "!mylist" command again to verify that the character has been successfully removed from your wishlist.

Please note that the specific commands and syntax may vary depending on the configuration of the Mudae server you are in. If you're unsure about the exact commands to use, consider checking the server's rules or asking the server's moderators or members for guidance on how to remove characters from your wishlist.


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